The Village of East Dundee has initiated an Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) Study of the Village’s sanitary sewer system which targets the Flats neighborhood and the downtown area. Inflow occurs when stormwater enters the sanitary sewer system and Infiltration occurs when groundwater enters the sanitary sewer system – all through structural defects and cracks in private laterals, sewer main pipes, leaky manholes, and improperly connected storm drains, downspouts and sump pumps. During rainy periods, excess I&I can surcharge sanitary sewers that are not designed or constructed to accommodate combined (sanitary and storm) flows and can cause backups into homes and businesses. Also, excess I&I routinely increases flows of wastewater into the wastewater treatment plant that would otherwise be conveyed to natural waterways via storm sewers.

As a part of this I&I Study, a Village contractor will perform smoke testing of the Village’s sanitary sewer system. Smoke testing is a means to quickly identify cross connections with storm drain lines, structural defects in sanitary sewer pipes and structures, and locates illegal private connections such as downspouts and surface drains which can be a significant source of Inflow during rain events.  The smoke testing process introduces a supply of smoke (non-toxic and non-burning) into sanitary sewer mains and structures.  Smoke visible outside of the injection point will indicate leaks in the sanitary sewer system which will be located and logged/documented for further investigation and/or repair.

The smoke testing dates are set for August 17 and 18, weather permitting. Homes and businesses located in the testing area will receive a letter from the Village in the next week describing the testing process in more detail.  Any questions regarding this can be directed to the Village or the contractor performing the work