The Village is governed by the Village President and Board of Trustees. The Village also includes a Standing Committee, Commissions, and Boards who are all advisory bodies to the Board of Trustees.

The Village seeks dedicated individuals to serve on its volunteer committees. If you're interested in contributing to the Arts Council, Depot Council, Planning, Zoning, and Historic Commission, or Board of Police Commissioners, please consider applying. Your involvement can make a meaningful impact on our community.

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The Village of East Dundee has the following Commissions which make formal recommendations and issuances for and on behalf the Village Board:

Additional Boards and Councils

The Village of East Dundee includes the additional Boards and Council:

Standing Committee

The Village of East Dundee has the following standing Committee of the Board of Trustees:

Committee of the Whole

On July 17th, 2023, the Village Board of Trustees passed Ordinance 23-33 which combined the existing standing committees into one “Committee of the Whole”.  The C.O.W. is made up of the following previous committees: Finance, General Village, Public Safety, Streets, and Utility.

Prior to their consolidation, their past agendas and minutes can be found here:

Except for the C.O.W., a standing committee consists of three Trustees with the President as an ex-officio member. The President assigns Trustees to each Committee each fiscal year.

Consists of the President and all the Trustees. The quorum of the C.O.W. shall not be less than four. The President shall serve as Chair of the C.O.W. and conduct the order and consideration of business of the C.O.W. The President Pro-Tem shall serve as Chair in the absence of the President.

The C.O.W. shall also serve as the following committees of the Village: Economic Development Committee, Finance Committee, Public Safety Committee, and Streets & Utility Committee