Yard waste collection is offered to East Dundee residents. It begins the first full week of April through the last week of November.
  • Bagged Yard Waste:  Loose material (grass clippings, bundled small branches, brush and garden materials including plants, flowers, leaves, weeds, vines, bark pieces, pine cones, etc.) should be bagged in Kraft type paper sacks.
  • Refuse Can: Loose material may also be placed in a refuse can clearly marked, "yard waste."  If you use a refuse can, be sure to leave the lid off, so the contents can be easily identified as yard waste. Cannot weigh more than 50 pounds contained
  • Bundled Yard Waste:  Branches or limbs, 2 inches in diameter or less, may be bundled with biodegradable twine or rope.  The bundles shall not exceed 4  feet in length or 2 feet in diameter.
Yard waste in plastic bags will NOT be collected. Dirt, pots, sod, large branches, tree stumps, rocks, garden vegetables, fruit, and non-organic materials are NOT considered yard waste and WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. Compost facilities are closed from the first of December through the first of April and yard waste is to be placed in general refuse containers.

Yard Waste