Amusement Tax - Also Includes Streaming Service Providers
In addition to amusement events, performances, shows, or participation events, etc., this tax also includes any remotely accessed streaming services that provide audio, video, gaming, etc. rentals and/or subscriptions.

Click here to learn about this ordinance and what defines an amusement. There are two remittance forms needed: one for standard amusement taxes, and one for streaming services. Click here for the standard amusement tax remittance form, or click here for the streaming services amusement tax remittance form.

Income Tax
The Village of East Dundee receives income tax distribution from the State of Illinois monthly. The amount distributed to the Village is based on certified population.  The Income Tax is distributed out of the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF). This per capita rate varies annually and, as a result, the Village typically budgets less than the IML estimate for the year. This revenue is about 4% of the Village’s General Fund.

Parking Tax
Click here to learn about the Village's recent establishment of the Vehicle Parking Tax.

Permits & Licenses
Fees for building permits range from new commercial buildings to small residential improvements. The permit process ensures projects are constructed safely.  Plan reviews and field inspections allow the Building department to verify that each project meets the minimum requirements of the adopted building codes and Village Ordinances. Fees for licenses include business and liquor licenses. The fees for these permits and licenses vary based on the type and use. These fees are 4% of the General Fund revenue.

Property Tax
Property taxes include amounts levied against all real estate in the Village.  The Village has no Corporate Property Tax. However, the Village collects property taxes to fund the Police Pension obligations. Real property taxes are payable semi-annually.  The first payment is due in June, the remainder is payable in September each year.  The County Treasurer collects property taxes on behalf of all taxing districts in the County including the Village of East Dundee.  The County Treasurer periodically remits to the Village its portion of the taxes collected. The Village receives tax payments from Cook and Kane Counties. Property taxes make up 11% of the Village’s General Fund revenue.

Sales Tax
Sales tax is imposed on all sales within the Village including food, prescription and non-prescription medicine, and automobile transactions. Sales tax on general merchandise in the Village of East Dundee is 9%.  An additional 0.75% is additionally imposed in the Business District.  2% of the sales tax is the Village's Home Rule Tax, which is imposed Village-wide. The remainder being distributed to the State and Kane County.  A Home Rule Sales Tax on general merchandise allows core services of the Village to be maintained, as well as programs outlined in the Village's Strategic Plan. The effective total sales tax rate is thus 9%, and 9.75% in the Business District. Together, general Sales and Home Rule Sales Tax make up nearly 50% of the Village’s General Fund revenue.

User Fees
User-fees for water and sewer are calculated on the number of gallons of water consumed as determined by a water meter.  Meters are read every other month.  Fees for water and sewer are combined in a bi-monthly bill sent to residents and businesses. These bills also include the fees associated with refuse and recycling (provided through a third-party vendor). Water & Sewer fees support the operational services within the Water & Sewer Fund. Refuse fees collected offset the cost of the third-party refuse/recycling vendor. 

Utility Tax
The Village receives revenue from ComEd/Exelon for the municipal taxes charged on electricity uses as well as from gas providers such as Nicor for municipal taxes charges for natural gas use for their customers within the East Dundee Village limits. This revenue makes up about 12% of the Village’s General Fund.