The Water Division is responsible for providing safe and high-quality drinking water residents and businesses and ensuring that the Village’s water supply meets or exceeds all drinking water quality standards established by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  Water Division personnel is responsible for the overall management and maintenance of the Village’s groundwater wells, water treatment facility, water storage facilities, and the network of piping for distribution.

Water Division personnel provide additional customer services that include:
  • Respond to questions/concerns about odors and discoloration of drinking water.
  • Turn water on/off for system repairs.
  • Assist with questions/concerns about water leaks
  • Collect final meter reads.
Lead Service Lines
Click here to visit the Village's lead service line webpage

Water Quality Reports
The Village is required to publish its annual drinking water quality reports.  The Annual Water Quality Report, for drinking water can be accessed below:

Water Main Breaks
Water main breaks do occur from time to time. In these situations, a pressurized pipe conveying potable water cracks or ruptures. In some cases, the underground piping in front of your home may be over 100 years old. For a multitude of reasons, pipes - even new ones - occasionally fail. You will recognize a water main break by water spontaneously appearing above ground or a lot of water when it just should not be there. If you see water running down the curb into the storm drain, but it has not rained for days, that might be a main break. If you see something that you believe might be a main break, you please immediately call the Village Hall at (847) 426-2822.  If it is outside of regular working hours, or over a weekend, please call 9-1-1 .  The Village’s emergency dispatching service will inform Public Works that there might be a problem and it will be investigated.