East Dundee’s Street Division is responsible for the planning and delivery of a variety of maintenance services and programs.  Major services provided to our community include:
  • Pothole filling and pavement repairs
  • Snow and ice control services – plowing, salting, and anti-icing
  • Snow & Ice Control
  • Street sweeping/cleaning
  • Spongy "Gypsy" Moth
  • Storm sewer system maintenance and repairs
  • Parkway tree planting, pruning, and removal
  • Landscaping on various public properties
  • Installation of street signs
  • Maintenance of Village street lighting
  • Community event setup and support
  • Installation of holiday and other Village decoration
Tree City USA

The Village has earned Tree City USA recognition for 2023. This is the sixth consecutive year the Village has earned this recognition. By striving to become a Tree City USA community, the Village recognizes the importance of maintaining and caring for its urban trees, their importance to the environment and public health, and the general beautification of the Village.

Snow & Ice Control
The Public Works Department plows all streets within the Village, with the exception of State Routes 25, 68, and 72.  Snow removal operations will begin once streets become slippery or accumulation of snow or ice occurs on the street. Snow operations will continue until snow accumulation is cleared from all streets. The Village is also responsible for snow removal operations at various municipal parking lots, Village Hall, Police Station, and various sidewalk locations.  Parking on Village streets is prohibited after 2 inches of snow have fallen.