In addition to the normal law enforcement activities, the Police Department sponsors several community-oriented programs by utilizing OVERNIGHT PARKING/HOUSE WATCH/CONDITION REPORT/PET MANAGEMENT:

House Watch
Want us to keep an eye on your house while you're away? Residents going out of town for an extended period can register with the Police Department 847-428-4034 for the House Watch program. Under the program, a police officer will check on your house at least once per night and monitor for suspicious activity. 

Overnight Parking Requests
Parking on the street is not allowed in the Village from 2 am to 6 am, and doing so may result in the issuance of a citation. If you must leave your car out overnight you may request to do so. Also blocking a driveway, parking on a sidewalk, or in your front yard may result in the issuance of a citation.

Pet Management
Once added to our database, your pet information will be available to the police department in case your pet is lost or stolen.

Need to report something unusual?
Street lights out or any other potential safety issues. Provide us the details so we can take the necessary actions.