Since the Village first obtained Home Rule status in 2004, the Village has taken a number of actions that would not be possible as a non-home rule community. This includes issuing debt for public infrastructure and economic development initiatives, abating, or canceling the associated debt service payments with Home Rule revenues, creating a rental and commercial inspection program to protect property values, and changing the Village Clerk to an appointed position to ensure impartiality and professionalism.

In addition to those actions, the Village also created or increased a number of fees including the Video Gaming License Fee, the Vehicle Title Transfer Fee, and Rental and Commercial Inspection Fees. The Village also created the Home Rule Sales Tax and the Video Rental Tax. Combined, home rule revenue sources make up approximately 40% of the operating fund revenue. Many of these forms of revenue reduce the tax burden on East Dundee residents by raising funds from nonresidents. Without these revenue sources, the Village will no longer be able to abate, or cancel the property taxes that would otherwise be collected to pay the Village’s debt. For more information on debt abatement, click here