In September of 2018, the Village Board met with staff, along with an outside facilitator, to discuss the Village's strategic goals for the next five years. The resulting 2019-2024 Strategic Plan identifies a defining vision for the Village, as well as five strategic goals to help drive day to day operations, while maintaining focus on the long term priorities of the Village. The Plan’s Vision Statement reads as follows:

Over the next five years, East Dundee will become regionally known for its entertainment and family friendly amenities, its natural recreational opportunities, and its ability to continue to be a thriving, financially stable community that is prepared for future challenges.

 In order to achieve this vision, five goals were recognized as essential to the success to the plan. These include creating a well known, livable, walkable community, maintaining financial stability and sustainability, maintaining sustainable infrastructure, promoting economic development, and creating sustainable service delivery through staff support and development.  For more information on these key goals and their associated objectives, read the full 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.