In April 2022, the Village of East Dundee board of trustees amended Title III, Chapter 35 establishing Section 17 (Vehicle Parking Tax) in its municipal code, which requires all parking operators in the Village limits to collect a parking tax on vehicles parked for 24 hours or more where payment is required for the vehicle to be parked/stored.

The tax rate to be applied is:
  • If customer is charged to park by the day: $0.50 cents per day
  • If customer is charged to park by month: $6.00 per month
The tax applies to but is not limited to:
  • passenger cars;
  • vans and trucks;
  • recreational vehicles;
  • campers, motorcycles;
  • semi-trailers, boats; and/or
  • trailers and inoperable vehicles.
Tax collected must be remitted to the Village on a monthly basis by the 20th day of the following month or penalties will apply. Click here for the parking tax remittance form, and click here for a copy of the approved ordinance. 

If you have any questions, please contact the finance department at (847) 426-2822.