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Whether you are new to West Dundee, considering moving into town, or have been a resident for years, you will find the Resident Information Kit to be full of useful information regarding West Dundee and the greater Elgin Area.


Below are some of the topics covered in this document:
  • Village Government & Staff
  • Village Offices & Hours of Operations
  • Utility Service Providers
  • Refuse, Yard Waste & Recycling Collection
  • Electronics & Battery Recycling
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Animal Regulations
  • Curfew
  • Garage Sales
  • Weather Warning Sirens
  • Schools
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Library
  • Post Office
  • Drivers License Facility
  • Voter Registration
  • Township & County Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Churches

For additional information, please peruse our website or contact Village Hall at 847-551-3800 or

If you would like a hardcopy of the Resident Information Kit, please visit Village Hall or any of the village administrative facilities during regular hours of operation.

Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program

PROGRAM HISTORY: Legislation by the State of Illinois has enabled municipalities to act as a purchasing agent for the supply of electricity for its residents and small businesses. In March of 2012, a referendum was approved by the voters of West Dundee allowing the Village to bundle (or aggregate) residential and small commercial electric accounts and seek bids for the lowest cost source of electricity.

The initial two-year contract was in place from the Fall of 2012 until the Fall of 2014. Significant savings were realized by program participants during this time frame.

In 2014, the Village entered into a new three-year contract with Constellation New Energy at a rate of 7.57 cents per kWh, which offered a slight savings over the ComEd rate at that time. In May of 2016, ComEd released a new 12-month base rate of 6.275 cents per kWh, at which point the Village notified the community of the opportunity to save money on electric bills by switching back to ComEd for electrical supply. This program rate expired in the Fall of 2017, and a new rate was bid and contracted with Dynegy Energy Services for a 12-month term.

In 2018, the Village renegotiated the electrical aggregation program rate for the fourth time, and contracted with the lowest bidder, Dynegy Energy Services, for a 24-month term. The current program has a fixed rate of 7.419 cents per kWh and will be in effect from the October 2018 through the October 2020 billing periods.

Notices were mailed in early August of 2018 with a response deadline of August 24. Ratepayers who received an opt-out notice were automatically enrolled if they did not respond. The new aggregate rate was to be reflected on billings beginning in October of 2018.

Ratepayers who were not currently enrolled in the Electrical Aggregation Program, but who are enrolled with a supplier in through a private contract received informative, opt-in notices. These ratepayers were not automatically enrolled, but may take action to enroll at any time.

UPDATE JANUARY 1, 2019: When the current program was enacted, Dynegy’s contracted rate was lower than that of ComEd. Today, ComEd's base supply rate is 7.292 cents per kWh, effective until May of 2019. As such, the Village’s electric aggregation program rate with Dynegy does not currently offer savings over ComEd’s base rate.

Each month, ComEd applies a variable Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA) to their base rate. ComEd’s PEA for January offers a -0.5 cents per kWh reduction to their rate, however the PEA can either decrease or increase the base rate from one month to the next, and therefore is unpredictable.

The rate difference is small enough that the Village is not actively encouraging residents to opt-out of the Electrical Aggregation Program. However, we would advise that it is not to our residents’ advantage to opt-in at this time. The Village will continue to monitor electricity supply rates and advise residents of notable changes to the rate comparison through our website and social media pages.

Residents who elect to leave the Electrical Aggregation Program may rejoin the program after a 6-month wait, should they wish to do so. As with previous programs, there is no enrollment fee to join, and no early termination fee to leave the program.

West Dundee residents and eligible small businesses may enroll in or opt out of the Electrical Aggregation Program by calling Dynegy Energy Services at 844-351-7691. Be sure to have your ComEd account number available when you call.

Please note: No one will ever come to your home or call to enroll you in the Village’s electrical aggregation program. Should you receive such a visit or call from a person purporting to represent the Village, Dynegy, or ComEd, please take the solicitor’s information and contact the Illinois Commerce Commission at their Consumer Services Division complaint line: 800-524-0795. We would urge you to examine the program any offer carefully before agreeing to switch to another electricity supplier.

NEW RESIDENTS & SMALL BUSINESSES: New West Dundee residents and eligible small businesses may enroll in the Electrical Aggregation Program by calling Dynegy Energy Services at 844-351-7691. Please note that a ComEd account must first be established, as ComEd continues to administer electricity accounts with respect to billing and infrastructure maintenance. Be sure to have your ComEd account number available when you call.

PRICE TO COMPARE: The Illinois Commerce Commission maintains a "Price to Compare" to assist Illinois residents in understanding how various electricity rate offers compare with the current ComEd rate. More information can be found at

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